Hello Christmas Diary, 22nd. Dec

Dec 22nd. 2013, 7.30am

Morning all, The duck egg is on the boil (do you do your eggs in the kettle? or is it a quirky thing I just do)  Looks like I’ll make the dash to Limerick after all this morning but it did look very doubtful for most of yesterday as we are experiencing really rotten weather at the moment. Driving rain accompanied by very strong winds, a lot of it very wintery, sleet and snow, so a drive up to put the presents under the trees in Mam’s and the Lyons family was decidedly on dodgy ground. But as luck would have it we have a much calmer weather scene this morning, calm before the storm I understand, absolutely awful stuff later, tomorrow and Christmas eve forecast (damaging winds), so it’s up to say Happy Christmas, in Limerick in an hour or so.

Cork was beautiful and Christmassy yesterday, coffee and scone with rhubarb jam in the English Market. Got the Birthday / Christmas Card and other such stuff. Jess seemed to enjoy the buzz also. The weather went downhill for most of the rest of the day. As we escaped the city the crowds were starting to descend on the city.

Home for nice fry with some of the English Market sausages and smoked bacon (rest for the turkey). The final few decorations on the stairs and the gaff is as ready as it will ever be for Christmas

Afternoon was spent giving the garden room the once over as it was due for some attention. It had been my study room for the past months so it was a bit of a mess.

Listening in my ear to ‘What it says in the Papers’ I hear that Peter O’ Toole’s ashes will be spread on a beach in Connemara, close to where he had a house since the 1970’s. This I understand completely, into the sea on the West Coast of Ireland seems the perfect way to spend eternity, as opposed to a hole in the ground. Saw him once at a Rugby match and he was a frail man but a huge rugby fan. Good Luck Peter.

OK, into the shower, down the duck egg and a piece of toast and into the car to see Mam.(Pick up some Matterson’s sausages in Limerick) I hear Jess upstairs so I’ll have company on the drive.

Good day ahead please God, Talk Later


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