Hello Christmas Diary, Christmas for Sale!!

Dec 26th. 2013, 2.11 pm
Afternoon all, yes afternoon. Did get up early but decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful crisp frosty morning. Took the camera along and got a few photographs. Will post them later on Facebook. Lots of traffic this morning heading for town to the Sales, lots of bargains ? I wonder.
The Wren.
The wren, the wren, the king of all birds,
On St. Stephen’s Day was caught in the furze;
Up with the kettle and down with the pan,
Pray give us a penny to bury the wran.”
(Traditional Irish Wren song)
Irish tradition holds that the wren symbolises the old year, while the robin symbolizes the year to come. To ensure that the passage from old year to new could take place, it was once common practice on St. Stephen’s Day (December 26) for a group of local boys to hunt and kill a wren. This band of so-called Wren Boys, usually costumed and often masked, would then travel from house to house carrying the wren in a small box or casket (other sources say the wren was tied to a pole and decked with ribbons). The regaled each house with musical laments for the unfortunate bird along with pleas to raise money for the funeral.
The next phase of the Christmas festival are the Sale’s and the off-loading of all that was not sold in the rush up to the big day. So much for the ritual of this special season.

Nice Christmas surprise on a frosty morning.

Nice Christmas surprise on a frosty morning.

Actually, radio is really interesting this morning with Joe Duffy , with ‘Legacies’ a look back at 2013 and those of us who have gone onto bigger and better things (depending on your point of view).
Quiet a lot in fact, our Nobel Laureate, Poet Seamus Heaney, Bernie Nolan of the Nolan Sister’s fame, Lou Reed, Perfect Day, went his way recently after a rip roaring ride on this side of the universe.
Christmas Cracker Joke: How do you get down from an Elephant?? (Answer below)
The next few days will be the time to really relax and regenerate before we go back to the routine of our lives, work, be it inside or outside the home, money worries, car insurance, new tyres for the car, etc. So get serious about soaking up the Zzzzzzz and chilling.
New Year’s resolutions which usually don’t last a long time for the most part, we just aspire to do things differently and do our very best. There is always next year.
Let’s hope our friends in Met Eíreann are being over cautious with the Code Red for the next 24 hours. Who needs news of ‘Storm Damage’ in the morning! Jasus.
Answer: You don’t, you get it from a duck.


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