Lenten Diary Entry 3

Thirteen Lenten Days (13, not including Sundays) remaining. 13 Days to a feast of Easter Eggs, to a well deserved long weekend, 13 days to lose-a-sausage (Refer to Lenten Diary Entry 2). Since I last wrote in my Blog, Mother’s Day has come and gone, a large chunk of Ukraine, a region called Crimea, has become part of Russia, A Boeing 777 has dissapeared from our skies, with the loss of 239 souls and an awful lot more besides. We live in an ever-changing, fast paced world and what happens tomorrow nobody knows. (Actually Munster Rugby play Toulouse in the Heiniken Cup Quarter Final tomorrow all going well but the result is another thing altogether)

My Lent has been a disaster from a weight-loss perspective but in all other ways it’s been great. The stretch in the evenings is such a boost to the endorphin’s it’s amazing. I can almost smell the West Coast of Clare as we draw nearer to real spring time and the weekly travels to Kilkee recommence. A few things that have grabbed my attention that I want to share with you. They are completely different and yet are intrinscially linked. They are about having the determination, caring and kindness to succeed against seemingly unsurmountable obstacles that we as individuals and as human beings face.

First I just want you to watch and be amazed by this short piece about a guy called Liam Cullinane.

Just Click on his picture and watch the Fundit piece on Liam. (He is no longer seeking funds so you are safe)

liam cullinane

The Purpose of all of us is to serve, the more you serve the better you become. Liam Cullinane

Good luck to Liam on his continued journey. he is a true inspiration.

Another time, same love.
Kit, the elderly woman telling the story came from a large family. On Sunday mornings, her mother lined them up to wash their faces and comb their hair. They would wait in turn and then go out to play while their mother finished with the rest. One Sunday, Kit was anxious to get ‘done’ and have a half hour to play. Just before her turn her mother saw that the youngest was missing a shoelace and asked Kit to get one. Kit didn’t want to lose her place in the line and her mother didn’t ask her a second time, she didn’t go. Her mother said nothing as she combed her hair and then she went out to play. Soon after she felt guilty and went in to get the shoelace. When she went in, her mother was bent down putting her own shoelace on the youngest child’s shoe. Feeling doubly guilty, Kit got a shoelace and, as her mother was was combing her sister’s hair, she threaded the lace on her mother’s shoe. her mother said nothing but gently stroked her hair.
“Ever since that day that my mother stroked my hair, through all these long years…and long after her death..I have had this secret promise with her: I keep an eye out for what someone is missing!”
Blessings beget blessings. When we are treated kindly, kindness grows in us. Our mothers bless us with understanding and forgiveness. They let us know that we are loved just as we are, that love doesn’t have to earned, that a mother’s love is unconditional love. Belated Happy Mother’s Day, Mam.

The Purpose of all of us is to serve, the more you serve the better you become. Liam Cullinane

We are at cross roads.

On the news this week is something that I’m sure came as no surprise to most of us. A new report on the impact of climate change from the UN’s expert panel has warned that soaring carbon emissions will amplify the risk of conflict, hunger, floods and migration this century.

In a stark summary, it warns that “increasing magnitudes of warming increase the likelihood of severe, pervasive, and irreversible impacts.”

The new document, gives the starkest warning yet of extreme consequences from climate change, and delves into greater detail than ever before into the impact at regional level.

The report confirms that climate change is contributing to severe weather events, such as the recent storms in Ireland.

Rainfall patterns will be disrupted, resulting in a significantly higher flood risk, especially for Europe and Asia and magnified drought risks will add to water stress in arid, heavily populated areas, the report says.

This, in turn, will have consequences for agriculture. Yields of staples such as wheat, rice and corn will be squeezed, just as demand will soar because of population growth. The report says climate change will also have a ricochet effect on health, through the spread of mosquito or water-borne diseases and heatwaves.

Vulnerable plant and animal species, especially in fragile coral reefs and Arctic habitats, could be wiped out.

Adding a further grim layer to the warning, the report said the most vulnerable ecosystems faced a potential “tipping point” that could pitch them into unstoppable decline.

The report says the danger could be substantially reduced, especially for those alive at the end of the century, if greenhouse-gas emissions are cut swiftly.

End of blog

So we have some tough decisions to make if we have to leave this place in some sort of of reasonable shape for our children and those generations coming after us. We have to start being kind to this gift of a planet now. Let’s keep an eye out for what our children and future generations could invariably miss!”

The Purpose of all of us is to serve, the more you serve the better you become. Liam Cullinane

I keep an eye out for what someone is missing!” – Kit

I think Liam and Kit, in their own way and with very different words expressed what I’m trying to say. We ALL have a duty of care that we must delve deep into to see if we can help. Have a great day my friends.







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    Lent 2015 commences Wednesday, February 18. I’m reblogging this post for a number of reasons. A. To remind myself how badly I did last Lent so I’m giving myself a head start for 2015 BUT more importantly I need to reneregise the Messahe of Liam and Kit. Have another read of this blog. Garry

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