‘Living the Dream’

Walking along the corridor yesterday evening I met a work colleague who I don’t see that often. We work at opposite ends of the facility so it’s rare enough we bump into each other. I’ve know my colleague many years, a true professional and hard working person, with a dry sense of humor and ‘smiling’ eyes. We have always worked well together, good guy all round.

Anyway, usual greetings, and on asking him how he was keeping, he replied with his wry smile, ‘Living the dream’, ‘Living the dream’ and continued on his way. Of course this brought an immediate smile to my rather glum face I have been sporting over the past few months. You see, our organisation has been going through some very tough and challenging times. Major global organisational changes within our organisation have left the whole organisation in a ‘vice grip of uncertainty’.
My local organisation is in the ‘thick’ of a major redundancy program to shrink the organisation in line with falling market demand and continuing budgetary challenges designed to get our local organisation best placed for survival in a savagely competitive environment. Not a pleasant year 2014 for all concerned. In fact it has been a horrible year.

But ‘living the dream’ is something worth thinking about for a few moments. You see, sometimes a word or a sentence can put an awful lot of things into perspective. In reality I am blessed with relatively good health, as have all of my loving family and siblings. I have some amazing friends and co-workers, I have a job and working, trained and educated, clean running water, a home, a car in the driveway, living in a country with a rule-of-law, and looking forward to the Christmas break and time with my extended family, I am blessed, whereas countless others are challenged, and really challenged, on so many levels.

Sure I stress about the future and the uncertainty of what lies ahead, pay taxes, get stuck in traffic and delayed at airports, my heating boiler, car, and a lot more besides breaks down just when you least expect it, etc. BUT when I look at the big picture, my god, I have so much to be thankful for. Sadly, we all forget to be grateful most days, as life does what it does to us all, gets on top of us and we can’t see the wood from the trees.

OK, ‘Living the Dream’ was a just my colleagues way of being funny and maybe tongue-in-cheek but it spoke volumes to me. So this morning I woke and started with being thankful. When things occasionally got me annoyed and frustrated today, I started with being thankful. When I let my thoughts drift to the uncertainty of the future, I started with being thankful, really thankful.

Find a reason to be ‘thankful’ and let all of the worries, stresses, difficulties and distractions that we face every waking minute, take a back seat for a while. Have a great weekend

start thanks


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