2014 Christmas Diary #1 – Beginning, Middle and End

0700 Monday 22nd. December – Weather: Very windy, rainy and mild (13+ degrees)

Just to get things started lets have a short ‘ Christmas’ diary to create that space that we call all step into to get the season of goodwill kick started. I promise not to be cynical about the commercialisation of Christmas. The big sell, the big drink and the big smiles coming at us from every channel on the TV, radio and newstand.

So it’s what you make it. Build the magic of Christmas around those closest to you, those you will be with this Christmas and of course those who may not be able to be there but are also very much a part of your Christmas ritual.
Lets have a beginning. In the beginning there has to be the big fry, so its a shopping trip to the English Market here in Cork for the Clonakilty black and white pudding, the duck eggs, the smoked bacon, streaky and lean, (got to think ahead and covering the turkey breast) and for the clan I come from, it would not be the same without the ‘Mattersons Sausages’ which made the journey all the way from ‘Watchouse Cross’ Euro Spar a few day earlier and have waited patiently in the freezer. (Click on Santa below to get the Magic of Christmas started) I’ll come back to Watchouse Cross later.

The special Christmas fry.

The special Christmas fry.

Cork City and the English Market can certainly be a fantastic starting point for the Christmas. Just to wonder around amid the noise, the hustle and bustle, the smells and the traders. The best one stop shop for the ingredients of the Christmas Fry. I’m sure you have something close by (a supermarket even) where you can get the makings of a good fry to get this season of goodwill started. It’s a simple ritual. Just get it started.

beginning middle end.jpg2

I do know these pictures are going to be appreciated by some, not-so-appreciated by others, especially those overseas who can’t get home for Christmas and be part of the traditional Christmas fry, and even worse those of us who are minding the ailing bodies against the ravages of ‘Cholesterol’. I say go for it. Go for it with gusto and do what I did, walked off the calories later in the day.

Tip #1. Get out of the shops, the markets , the madness as early as possible to avoid the crazies. They should be out of their beds and in the shops by 11ish. That time for any sane person to be leaving the for the safety of their own home, apartment or special space and let the mayhem and madness behind you for something far more ‘mindful and peaceful’

beginning middle end.jpg3


Yum, Yum.

Finally sit and enjoy the fruits of your Christmas Fry with a cup of ‘tea’ and the headlines from your favourite rag. Now don’t be insisting on having everyone involved. If they are happier in their ‘leaba’s’ (Gaelic for beds) then let them be. This is your ritual.

Happy Christmas one and all. I look forward to the next few days and being with you even if it is just via a laptop , PC or device,


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