January 1, 2015 – A Gentle ‘New Year’ to you all

Have a listen to Glenn Frey’s classic song Part of Me, Part of You (playing in my ear’s as I type). Its a catchy tune but a line that always appeals to me is ‘We can never know about tomorrow, still we have to choose which way to go’
It’s a brand new year and we all think about the 356 days ahead and even though we have no idea what lies in store we mostly all make some effort to choose a different, better, calmer, healthier path for the year ahead. I wish you luck in whatever choice you make for the year ahead.
Don’t worry about the future, Please…

Folk’s is a sodden, windy and thoroughly ‘stay under the duvet‘ New Year’s day but like everything, this will pass and we will have some bright and breezy days very soon. The ‘New Year’ here in Carrigaline normally starts with a delicious meal in preparation for the year ahead. A fine affair with starter, main (traditionally fillet steak) and a indulgent dessert. Not this New Year, for me it’s going to be a year of calm and simple pleasures and a more active and healthier approach. This whole rat race can creep up and destroy your inner balance, peace and stability. Fight as hard as you can to get it in your life or regain it if you have not experienced it in a while. Do it. Remember my post on ‘Mindfullness’

A homely, spicy, ‘make it your own, Sausage Casserole’ is what is in the oven this morning to be served with Mary’s creamy mashed potato. Simple and warming.

sausage casserole

2 x Chopped Carrots , 300 grm. Mushrooms (1 punnet), handful of tomatoes, 1 finely chopped onion, 1 packet of Lidl Kania Sausage Casserole recipe Mix, (if not available, try ‘Vegetable Stock Cube and add tsp. Paprika and tsp. Cyenne Pepper). 1 .5 lbs. of best Sausages (we are blessed with a good supply of O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages and of course Mattersons, so we add a mix). Optional, slice and fry off some Chorizo sausage on the pan and add to the mix, Chorizo oil from cooking process also.


Cook off the Sausages on a large pan, (if someone does not eat sausages then you can also cook a bit of steak to add to the casserole)

Add all ingredients to a good size Casserole dish, carrots, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes (dice, chop as you prefer), add Sausage Casserole recipe mix (made up with cold water). If the Vegetable Stock Cube mix, let it cool a bit.

Season with Sea Salt and White Pepper, into pre-heated oven 180 / 200 for 1+ hour.

Creamy mashed potato, (Potatoes peeled, and boiled / steamed slightly salted water) Mash with loads of butter, salt and pepper (Mary’s secret is to melt a Knorr Chicken or Veg Stock Pot in a mug and use to mix with the mash and butter to make the most delicious Mashed Potato.

This recipe can be tweaked every which way to make it to your tastes. (I think I’ve made it too spicy this morning (yerra, feck it,! )

A Gentle New Year to all.

So it is a really genuine ‘ Best Wishes’ to all everybody for a gentle, simple, thoughtful and healthy 2015. Make the journey as uncomplicated as you can. Material things, expensive and exotic meals and holidays all will pass and fade and yet we put so much pressure and effort in chasing these sometimes. Go easy on yourself for 2015.

My favourite Playlist in my Spotify Account

Just on the last few pages of Jim Stynes book, My Journey. A great read, next on the list is ‘The Guest Cat’ by Takashi Hiraide.

Happy New Year, and I hope more than anything to get to see everybody in 2015.

G xx



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2 responses to “January 1, 2015 – A Gentle ‘New Year’ to you all

  1. Steve

    Thanks Gar, I think I will go easy on myself this year. I will be 50 bells in July and P O Flaherty’s recent passing has made me think about my mortality. I’m relaxing here this morning after a vigorous start, using the motorised edge trimmers to cut the 2 foot high grass at the side of the house followed by digging up adventurous bamboo roots that are sprouting bamboo on what should be the back lawn, there’s back-breaking thirsty work in 30 degree heat. It feels like we have a storm coming on here this arvo. Happy New Year.

  2. Justin

    Great Blog !
    Lots of good tips for the start of the year.
    Wouldn’t expect anything less from a great Limerick man with MUNSTER Blood in the veins !!!
    Keep it going !

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