RE-Blog, Reminder, Refresh and Re-determine

Lent 2015 commences Wednesday, February 18. I’m reblogging this post for a number of reasons. A. To remind myself how badly I did last Lent so I’m giving myself a head start for 2015 BUT B. more importantly I need to reneregise the messages of Liam and Kit in this Blog from last year. Have a read and refresh. I’m sure you will find it inspiring

And also since my New Year does not commence until 25th. January I have this quote to help me focus on my desire to get my fittness and exercise regime back on the rails.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

John F. Kennedy



Thirteen Lenten Days (13, not including Sundays) remaining. 13 Days to a feast of Easter Eggs, to a well deserved long weekend, 13 days to lose-a-sausage (Refer to Lenten Diary Entry 2). Since I last wrote in my Blog, Mother’s Day has come and gone, a large chunk of Ukraine, a region called Crimea, has become part of Russia, A Boeing 777 has dissapeared from our skies, with the loss of 239 souls and an awful lot more besides. We live in an ever-changing, fast paced world and what happens tomorrow nobody knows. (Actually Munster Rugby play Toulouse in the Heiniken Cup Quarter Final tomorrow all going well but the result is another thing altogether)

My Lent has been a disaster from a weight-loss perspective but in all other ways it’s been great. The stretch in the evenings is such a boost to the endorphin’s it’s amazing. I…

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