Switch on those Stars (or even the fairy lights)

Fairy Lights

I sat amongst some really good and beautiful people this morning. It was a very sad occasion as we were attending the requiem mass of the Dad of one of our friends. Simply to sympathise, to say we understand what you are going through, and if there is anything we can do, just ask. For now, all we can do is embrace you and say sorry.

It’s always a really sad and tough time to say goodbye to a loved one but boy, December, is such a rotten time of year to suffer this loss. The world around us seems to be on ‘Happiness’ overdrive, while for so many their world is not a happy place at all, In the words of WH Auden, The stars are not wanted now; put out every one, it can be heartbreakingly sad. Switch off those Christmas lights.


I sat there and realised that we can forget so easily in those sad moments how great and important it is to have good friends surrounding you, and there I was surrounded by people I have become close to in my working life, really good people. We gravitated together in the church, eight of us in total in the two pews, four in front and four behind. I had not seen some of them for some time. I have moved onto a new path in life so it was great to see their warm and friendly faces. (see my previous post)
Everyone carries burdens and this group was no different but they were together and the feeling of warmth was tangible. It was, it really was. I felt so privileged.

I’m sending out a very special wish to all the people that I have had the pleasure of share this fragile world with, my beautiful family, my beautiful friends. May the burdens of life be set aside for you all for even a few minutes this December. May the joy of this season reach the parts of your heart that aches a little bit or better still may the joy of the season continue to fill your already joy filled soul.

May I suggest that we

Switch on those fairy lights for all of those we love and loved, do tell people they are beautiful, those close and even those who are not close but should know their worth. We may not always get the chance to do it. To tell people this will touch their soul. This I promise.

You see, all around me today were people supporting people in their own way and this is the beautiful thing about us. We are capable of such beauty, even in the toughest of time. So to all my friends, and I’m not going to name you, you are far too many, in Carrigaline, Cork, Limerick, Dublin, Donegal, Wicklow, Kerry, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, France, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Poland, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Norway. If you are seeing your country you know I am thinking of you. You are beautiful. A bright light upon you.


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