The Millennium Bug was 16 years ago.

It’s 1st. January 2016. The very best to everyone for the year ahead.

Rose Tinted Glasses

It was a mere 16 years ago where many thought Y2K was the end of the world.  And indeed many people, probably me also, were slightly anxious as the clock ticked from 11.59 on December 1999 to  12.00am January 1st. 2000 but hey, we made it and in the blink of a eye we are here in 2016. I simply articulate this fact for two reasons, A. Where have a full 16 year’s gone, they flew by. and B. We just don’t know what the future holds. Much has changed since and indeed the pace of change has accelerated to ‘Head Spinning’ speed that has chronically stressed out a generation. (My next blog is about living in the present)

This 53 year old song is eerily relevant today as it was in the Hippie period it was written in. Rising waters, a lost and frustrated generation through emigration and recession, serious discontent with politics and politicians. But our memories are very tricky, short and often viewed through Rose Tinted Glasses. We have an election looming here in Ireland, interesting few months ahead. I wonder what will be said to those Senators, Congressmen and Political Elite, standing in our doorways and blocking the halls in the coming weeks.

Bob Dylan wrote and sang this song in 1963/1964.



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