The Mindful Breath

Hi Everyone, I did say I would attempt to blog about this growing phenomenon that everyone seems to talking about, ‘Being Present’  otherwise know as, Mindfulness. (I’m attempting to keep this short and as clear as possible)

I’m just back from my Mindful Walk (very icy but crisp and clear), it’s the highlight of my day, every day, and I have my Mindfulness teacher along with me, via the power of my smart phone, WAV Files and Podcasts, guiding me wisely. An insightful and amazing Teacher and if you can get on one of Catherine Sutton’s courses, you will be blessed.

Got this YouTube link last night and it’s perfect. You may have seen it already. It’s a brilliant animation that gets to the heart of what mindfulness is about. Mindfulness is not easy, but it’s simple

One way of understanding this now ‘ubiquitous’ term Mindfulness, for me anyway, is to see the focus on my breath as a way of giving me a bridge over the continuous  flow of the minds ‘ thought processes’.  The breath is like a ‘Bridge over troubled Waters’

Tommy Fleming recorded his now very successful album ‘Voice of Hope’ in the Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of Knock, including this classic song which is appropriate for this small blog. Tommy is a unique singer and if you have the time to listen to him on youtube I think you might be softened on a very tough day.

I am not the most religious person but back in April 2013 I had reason to travel a 600km round trip with some good friends to offer condolences to one of our good colleagues. We stopped to take a break on this drive at Knock to visit the Basilica at the Knock Shrine. The incredible presence and spirit of this place of pilgrimage for countless millions of people, who visit for faith, hope, peace, solace and relief from suffering for themselves or loved ones. I felt it’s power deeply and if ever you get the chance to journey there I do believe you may too feel this presence (It would be my hope that you do). First for everything.

And hence I think Tommy’s rendition which was recorded in the Basilica at the Knock Shrine of ‘A Bridge over Troubled Waters’ is particularly relevant in that Mindfulness is being practiced by many millions of people to live in the present, focusing on the breath, while letting those troublesome thoughts flow continuously (as they always will, it is the brain’s function) under the bridge. You are aware of the constant stream of thoughts but your meditation and focus on the breath means you choose to stay on the bridge and not be in the river of thoughts. You are not your thoughts.

For me the Bridge is a good analogy. Have a great day, my friends and fellow travellers on life’s road.


Remember I spoke of the ‘Fork in the Road‘ well I have just accepted a new exciting position, starting next Monday and then off for a global meeting. All go and stomach knotting just the same. I’m making 2016 my mindful challenge, and I’ll hopefully find a little time to write about it on this little blog.


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