Shortest Day of the Year

The winter solstice date was today, December 21. This is the astronomical start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Four days to Christmas, Sunrise was at 08.39 and sunset at 16.24.  Colourful lights adorn even the shabbiest of facades. People engage with “Happy Christmas” at every possible opportunity. The shop assistants are smiling even at the busiest and stressful times, why? because the customers are smiling, spending with abandon, happy to finally get to the shop assistant. After Christmas things, will be different, but that’s for another day. For now, nature and ancestors has given us here in the Northern Hemisphere a cold dark winter and a celebration that brings so many people together.

Warmest wishes to you this Christmas. Enjoy, care and love as best you can. Peace be with you this very special time of year.

Pictures of a snowy Christmas from the recent past.


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