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This (Learner) blogger lives and works in the Cork Harbour area, Ireland. A native of Limerick with deep Limerick roots it goes someway to explain my huge passion for Rugby, Limerick Rugby to be more precise. A keen and fervent follower of Munster and Ireland, someone blessed me and I have been lucky enough to have been there for some of the most memorable and historical contests, All Blacks (New Zealand v Munster) 1978 & 2008. Heineken Cup winning games in 2006, 2008.

I’m me. Trying my best to navigate this road of life. With it’s pebbles and rocks and amazingly beautiful views. Staying present and letting thoughts be just that, thoughts. They are not me. So I try let them be, most of the time, not always successful but it works, believe me it works, and the peace it can bring is just… try it.
It’s commonly called Mindfulness, being Present, being Aware. Take your pick

This blog is about life, the people you meet, the stories you encounter. Have a wonder around, I promise you will find something you like somewhere in here. It is for family, friends, strangers, anybody who wants to reflect on life, its meaning and its purpose.

Please leave a comment at any time.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou


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One response to “This (Learner) Blogger

  1. That’s a nice pic of the bandstand in Kilkee Gar. a few more months and you’ll be back down there pg. Keep the blogs coming, I enjoy them. Steve.

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